Glass Screen Printing for bottles and containers

InnovaTeqsa, S.A. de C.V. – Innovación en Tequila specializes in the design and decoration of glass and ceramic containers with glass screen printing inks.

InnovaTeqsa’s glass screen printing uses lead-free inks, approved by The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) onto glass and ceramic containers and baked (fired) at +600°C.

Innovateqsa’s Glass Screen Printing service is ideal for branding your tequila glass bottle with a permanent, high quality finish.

InnovaTeqsa – Innovación en Tequila offers standard glass screen printing ink colors to fine metallic inks like platinum, silver and gold.

Our expertise in glass decoration and design is complimented by our label and packaging design service. InnovaTeqsa glass screen printing technique is a semi-artisan technique complimented with the highest technology to achieve hiqh quality results.

InnovaTeqsa guarantees :

  • the highest standards in the management of product quality
  • precise, high definition printing
  • creative solutions combining the latest technology with Mexico’s traditional artisan techniques
  • and a helpful and friendly customer service to create a competitive tequila brand .

To learn more about our decorating services, please visit InnovaTeqsa’s catalogue and other decorating techniques.


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